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Order free laminated Influenza Pocket Guides for front-line healthcare providers.

UPenn Fights Influenza:
Baby, Be Wise -- Immunize!

Using song and lyrics to raise awareness of the importance of influenza vaccination for HCWs, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania created this 5-minute video featuring scores of employees lip-synching to a doo-wop beat.
Information for Healthcare Professionals
Influenza - prevent a bad disease with a good vaccine!
Influenza Disease
Learn more about Influenza disease, it's impact on society, where it's occurring in the U.S. and more

What Works: Real Life Examples of Ways to Increase Adult Vaccination Rates
Check out these successful efforts to increase adult vaccination rates to find inspiring examples that might work in your clinic or community.

Vaccine Production, Ordering, and Distribution
Curious about the complexities of producing influenza vaccine and getting it to your clinic? Or, do you need information on where you can order vaccine?
Vaccine Recommendations
Learn what's new with this season's influenza vaccine, who should be prioritized for vaccination and more
Vaccination Resources
Here's where practitioners will find resources to assist in providing vaccination services to their patients
Vaccinating Healthcare Workers
Find existing recommendations and requirements for vaccination of healthcare workers, with examples of useful toolkits to get the job done!

Targeting Persons with Special Medical Conditions
Find materials to help in reaching patients with medical conditions that pose a special risk for complications from influenza
Late Season Vaccination
Learn how to extend the vaccination season beyond November and reach patients who haven't yet been vaccinated
Patient Information
Need help finding easy-to-understand materials to explain influenza disease and the vaccine for patients? Here's where to find it all

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