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Healthcare Providers Seeking Vaccine
Influenza Vaccine Availability Tracking System (IVATS)
The purpose of IVATS is to enable healthcare providers to find influenza vaccine to purchase, especially during the critical vaccination period.
Download Spreadsheet (PDF format)
To download the spreadsheet, right click the link, choose the "save as" option, and give the file a name and location on your computer.
Print Spreadsheet
To print, simply click on the link, select "open file," and when printing, make sure to print in "landscape" format on legal size paper to keep the report to one page.
IVATS Spreadsheet Contents
1. Names of wholesale distributors or manufacturers with vaccine in stock for sale and/or on order
2. How to order vaccine (phone, email, web or fax)
3. Brands and formulations in stock for sale
Additional Information
Demand for influenza vaccine is very high and supply is tight. Influenza vaccine manufacturers are working with their distributors to attempt to secure additional vaccine for affected customers. Check back often!
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