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Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's influenza site to learn what you should know about influenza and to review information for health professionals.
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2012 NIVS Meeting Presentations
May 15-17, Atlanta, Georgia
2012 Meeting Presentations
Download PDF files of the slide presentations from the Summit speakers.
Session One
Overview of the 2011-2012 Season
Influenza Vaccination Coverage: How Well Did We Do in 2011-12?
Speaker: Erin Kennedy (CDC)
ACIP Recommendations
Speaker: Lisa Grohskopf (CDC/ACIP)
Department of Defense Influenza Update: 2011-2012
Speaker: Col. Scott Stanek (Dept of Defense)
European Scientific Working Group on Influenza
Speaker: Ab Osterhaus (EU Flu Summit)
Session Two
Benefits of Current Influenza Vaccines and Future Directions
NIAID Influenza Vaccine Development: Novel Strategies for Better Vaccines
Speaker: Rachelle Salomon (NIAID)
Cost-Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccine
Speaker: Lisa Prosser (Univ of Michigan)
Influenza Vaccine Program Effectiveness in the United States
Speaker: Carrie Reed (CDC)
Special Dinner Program
Flu Products Supply Channel
Speaker: Aaron Frazier (HIDA)
GSK Influenza Vaccine Update
Speaker: Stuart Burstin (GSK)
MedImmune Influenza Vaccine Update
Speaker: Seth Feldman (MedImmune)
Merck Influenza Vaccine Update
Speaker: Troy Fix (Merck)
Novartis Influenza Vaccine Update
Speaker: David Pratt (Novartis)
Sanofi Pasteur Influenza Vaccine Update
Speaker: Philip Hosbach (Sanofi Pasteur)
Session Three
Optimizing Strategies for Reaching High Priority Groups
Influenza Immunization in Patients with Heart Disease
Speaker: G. Marshall Lyon III (AHA)
School-Located Vaccinations: A Strategy Whose Time is Now
Speaker: Paul Etkind (NACCHO)
The Value of Worksite-Based Influenza Vaccination Campaigns Targeting Both Employees and Families: Lessons Learned from the Worksite Influenza Vaccination Study
Speaker: Cori Ofstead (Ofstead and Associates)
Ob/Gyn Provider Barriers and Best Practices
Speaker: Bernard Gonik (ACOG)
Using Reminders for Targeting Groups - Pharmacy Experience
Speaker: Mitch Rothholz (APhA)
Innovative Approaches to Reducing Disparities in Implementing Universal Recommendation: Let's Shake Things Up!!!
Speaker: Tiffany Tate/Bryan Elsom (MD Partnership for Prevention/MRB Films)
Special Summit Awards Luncheon
2012 NIVS Awards - Introduction
Speaker: Mitch Rothholz (APhA)
USPHS/IHS - Phoenix Indian Medical Center
Speaker: Ann Gorman/Aimee Young (USPHS/IHS)
FluSafe - Vaccinating Staff, Protecting Patients
Speaker: Jennifer Heath (MN Dept of Health)
Flu Roundup - Texas Size: Organizing and Developing a School-Based Flu Vaccination Program
Speaker: Linda V. Shirley (Caring for Children Foundation of Texas)
Walgreens - Community Outreach Program
Speaker: Tim Brne (Walgreens)
Session Four
Influenza Leadership and Improving Immunization Rates
Marketing Influenza Immunization
Speaker: Tom Nagle (Statler-Nagle)
Promoting Influenza Vaccination: Communication-Related Findings from the 2011-12 National Flu Survey
Speaker: Glen Nowak (CDC)
Linking Vaccination with Other Preventive Services
Speaker: Douglas Shenson (Yale School of Medicine)
Effective African American and Hispanic Grassroots Strategies and Flu Activities
Speaker: Patirica Green/Carlos Velazquez (HMA Associates)
Los Rostros de la Gripe: Ethnic and Minority Community Influenza Vaccination Outreach Targeting Hispanics
Speaker: Mary Havell (American Lung Association)
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