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2012 NAIS Meeting Presentations
May 15-17, Atlanta, Georgia
2012 Meeting Presentations
Download PDF files of the slide presentations from the Summit speakers.
NAIS: Meeting Goals
Speaker: Angela Shen (NVPO)
Session One
Overview of the State of Adult Immunization
Adult Immunization Landscape
Speaker: Carolyn Bridges (CDC)
Adult Immunization: Complex Challenges and Recommendations for Improvement (NVAC Adult Immunization Working Group Recommendation)
Speaker: Christine Nevin-Woods (Pueblo City-County HD)
Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Immunization
Speaker: L.J Tan (AMA)
Evidence-Based Strategies to Increase Adult Vaccination Rates (Recommendations of the Task Force on Community Preventive Services)
Speaker: Megan Lindley (CDC)
Session Two
Empowering Providers
Toolkits to Improve Immunizations Using Standing Orders: From Data to Practice
Speaker: Rick Zimmerman (University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine)
ACOG Experiences in Provider Support: Lessons Learned
Speaker: Bernard Gonik (ACOG)
Workgroup Report: Provider Education
Speaker: Deborah Wexler (IAC)
Session Three
Existing and Potential Adult Quality and Performance Measures
Workgroup Report: Adult Vaccination Performance Measurement - The Big Picture
Speaker: Katharine Harris (RAND)
Performance Measures for Adult Immunization
Speaker: Reva Winkler (National Quality Forum)
Health Plan Perspectives on Adult Immunization Measures
Speaker: Andrew Baskin (America's Health Insurance Plans)
Opportunities for Developing Measures for Adult Vaccines
Speaker: Tilithia McBride (Avalere Health)
Session Four
Increasing Access to Immunizations
Increasing Access to Immunizations
Speaker: Angela Shen (NVPO)
Adult Immunizations: Benefit Design, Reimbursement Challenges, and Billing Solutions
Speaker: Andrea Seratte (TransactRx)
Billing - What's It All About? The Immunization Experience
Speaker: Duane Kilgus (CDC)
Physician Barriers to Adult Immunization
Speaker: Laura Hurley (University of Colorado Denver)
Increasing Access to Adult Immunizations
Speaker: Alan Rosenberg (Wellpoint/ AHIP)
Collaboration with Pharmacists to Improve Immunizations
Speaker: Mitch Rothholz (APhA)
Workgroup Report: Expanding Collaboration and Increasing Access
Speaker: Mitch Rothholz (APhA)
Updates from other Adult Immunization Initiatives and Meetings
National Adult Vaccination Program Scientific Summit
Speaker: Stefan Gravenstein (GSA)
The Michigan Primary Care Consortium Adult Immunization Initiative (A-I-I)
Speaker: Joseph Fortuna (Michigan Primary Care Consortium)
Session Five
Education and Promotion of Adult Immunizations to Patients
Effective Messaging - Thoughts and Considerations for Adult Immunization
Speaker: Glen Nowak/Kris Sheedy (CDC)
Preventive Health Services Among Midlife and Older Adults
Speaker: Terry Keenan (AARP)
Clinical and Community Integration of Clinical Preventive Services: Translating Research into Communication Initiatives
Speaker: Doug Shenson (Yale School of Medicine)
Workgroup Report: Patient Education
Speaker: Kirsten Thistle (APCO Worldwide)
Session Six
Education and Promotion of Adult Immunization to Decision-Makers
Workgroup Report: Informing Decision-Makers
Speaker: Phyllis Arthur (BIO)
Administration Fee for Immunizations
Speaker: Kathy Talkington (ASTHO)
Campaign for Adult Immunization
Speaker: Bill Schaffner (NFID)
Summary Session
Leadership for Adult Immunization
Speaker: Bill Schaffner (NFID)
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