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2013 NAIIS Meeting Presentations
May 14-16, Atlanta, Georgia
2013 National Influenza Vaccine Summit Immunization Excellence Awards
The 2013 National Influenza Vaccine Summit (NIVS) Immunization Excellence Awards were presented during the National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit on May 15. These prestigious awards recognize individuals and organizations that have made extraordinary contributions towards improving adult and/or childhood influenza vaccination rates within their communities during the 2012–2013 influenza season. Descriptions of the winning projects and presentations given by the awardees are available for review.
2013 Meeting Presentations
Adult Immunization
Session One
Evolution of the National Influenza Vaccine Summit
Speaker: L.J Tan (IAC)
Vaccination of Adults in the United States
Speaker: Carolyn Bridges (CDC)
Documenting and Communicating Adult Immunizations
Meaningful Use and Public Health
Speaker: Jim Daniel (Office of the National Coordinator)
Speaker: Kathy Lewis (Surescripts)
HHS Interagency Adult Immunization Task Force 2012
Speaker: Shary Jones (NVPO/HHS)
HHS Interagency Adult Immunization Task Force 2012–13
Speaker: Jamila Rashid (OMH/HHS)
Session Two
Introduction to Patient and Provider Education Working Groups
Attitudes and Practices of Patients and Medical Providers
Adult Immunization: CDC Communication Efforts and the Consumer Perspective
Speaker: Kris Sheedy (CDC)
Affordable Care Act
Challenges and Opportunities to Changing the Adult Vaccination Landscape
Speaker: Sara Rosenbaum (GWU)
Session Three
Patient and Public Outreach Workgroup
Introduction: Patient Education Workgroup
Speaker: Erin Kennedy (CDC)
Communicating Effectively with Adults: Insights from Vaccine Manufacturers
Speaker: Phyllis Arthur (BIO)
Reaching Patients through Social Media
Speaker: Amy Pisani (ECBT)
Hepatitis B Nail Salon Outreach 2012/Tacoma-Pierce County WA
Speaker: Kim Nguyen (Hepatitis B Coalition of Washington)
Patient Education Workgroup Report
Speaker: Laurel Wood (IAC)
Session Four
Provider Outreach Workgroup
The New Adult Vaccination Resources Library
Speaker: Laurel Wood (IAC)
Provider Workgroup Report
Speaker: Susan Farrall (CDC)
European Scientists Fighting Influenza 2013
Speaker: Arnold Monto (University of Michigan)
Session Five
Policy and Decision Making Workgroup
Policy and Decision Makers Workgroup Report
Speaker: Mark Mioduski (The 317 Coalition)
Opportunities for Adult Immunization in the ACA
Speaker: Phyllis Arthur (BIO)
Worksite Vaccination in Minnesota
Speaker: Lisa Randall (Minnesota Department of Health)
Employer Perspectives on Vaccination Programs
Speaker: Cori Ofstead (Ofstead and Associates)
Adult Immunizations: An Employer's View
Speaker: William Yang (Coca-Cola Company)
Employers and Adult Vaccines - Georgia Power/Southern
Speaker: Robert Harshman (Georgia Power/Southern Company)
Session Six
Quality and Performance Measures Workgroup
Overview of Measures - Measures 101
Speaker: Sharon Sprenger (The Joint Commission)
HHS Perspective on Adult Immunization Measures
Speaker: Ernie Moy (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)
Quality and Performance Measures Workgroup Report
Speakers: Sharon Sprenger (The Joint Commission), Jody Sachs, (OASH/HHS)
Panel Discussion
Speakers: Wayne Rawlins (AHIP representative), Robert Hopkins (ACP representative), Reva Winkler (NQF)
Session Seven
Access and Collaboration Workgroup
Access and Collaboration Workgroup Report and Discussion of Prioritized Areas
Speakers: L.J Tan (IAC), Mitch Rothholz (APhA)
HealthMap Vaccine Finder
Speaker: Jane Huston (HealthMap)
Session Eight
Summary, Discussion, and Next Steps for Adult Immunization Goals
Summary of Accomplishments, Discussion of Next Steps
Speaker: Carolyn Bridges (CDC), L.J Tan (IAC), Mitch Rothholz (APhA)
Session Nine
Influenza Introduction
Influenza Activity Update
Speaker: Lynette Brammer (CDC)
ACIP Update
Speaker: Lisa Grohskopf (CDC)
Influenza Vaccination Coverage: How Well Did We Do in 2012–13?
Speaker: Erin Kennedy (CDC)
Session Ten
Influenza Communications
CDC National Influenza Vaccination Communications Campaign: Plans for 2013–14 Flu Season
Speaker: Yvonne Garcia (CDC)
Leveraging Trusted Voices: Using Traditional and Non-Traditional Partnerships to Encourage Annual Flu Vaccination
Speaker: Amelia Burke-Garcia (Westat, Inc.)
Strategies to Build and Sustain Multi-Sector Partnerships
Speakers: Carlos Velazquez and Patricia Green (HMA Associates, Inc), JoAnn Kauffman (Kauffman & Associates, Inc)
Summit Awards
2013 NIVS Awards - Introduction
Speaker: Mitch Rothholz (APhA)
Flu+You (Overall Influenza Season Activities Award)
Speaker: Christine Harding (National Council on Aging)
Rhode Island Flu Task Force (Healthcare Personnel Campaign Award)
Speaker: Joseph Wendelken (Rhode Island Department of Health)
Vaccinate Chicago Week (Immunization Coalitions/Public Health Community Campaign Award)
Speaker: Julie Morita (Chicago Department of Public Health)
Walgreens Immunization Services: Programs Transforming Community Pharmacy (Corporate Campaign Award)
Speaker: Tim Brne (Walgreens)
Uninsured and Underinsured Adult Vaccine Program (Overall Adult Immunization Activities-Beyond Flu Award)
Speaker: Miriam Muscoplat (Minnesota Department of Health)
Session Eleven
Updates on Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness (VE) and Development and Approval of New Vaccines (including IIV4)
Jet Injector Clinical Trials Update
Speaker: Linda McAllister (PharmaJet, Inc)
Updated Adjusted Estimates of 2012-13 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in the United States
Speaker: Mark Thompson (CDC)
Influenza Vaccine Innovation: New Vaccines Approved and on the Way
Speaker: Rick Bright (BARDA)
Communication Challenges and Opportunities in the 2013–14 Influenza Season: Vaccine Effectiveness and Options
Speaker: Kris Sheedy (CDC)
Session Twelve
Influenza Vaccine Dose Estimates for 2013–2013 Season
Sanofi Pasteur Influenza Vaccine Update
Speaker: Phil Hosbach (Sanofi Pasteur)
Protein Sciences Influenza Vaccine Update
Speaker: Manon Cox (Protein Sciences)
Novartis Influenza Vaccine Update
Speaker: Clem Lewin (Novartis)
Merck/CSL Biotherapies Influenza Vaccine Update
Speakers: Troy Fix (Merck), Marie Mazur (CSL)
MedImmune Influenza Vaccine Update
Speaker: Kathy Coelingh (MedImmune)
GSK Influenza Vaccine Update
Speaker: Jeff Levine (GSK)
Health Industry Distributors Association Distribution Report
Speaker: Aaron Frazier (HIDA)
Summary of Influenza Session and Next Steps for Adult and Influenza Summit Activity
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